2021-05-03: News Headlines

Staff (2021-05-03). Yemeni missiles, drones target depth of Saudi Arabia. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 03 (MNA) — According to the spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, military positions of the Saudi-led coalition at Najran Airport and the King Khalid Air Base in Khamis Mushait were targeted by Yemeni forces.

Staff (2021-05-03). Iran Swiss diplomats mull over coop. to end Yemen Crisis. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 03 (MNA) — Senior Iranian and Swedish diplomats stressed the need for continued consultation and cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Sweden in order to reach a political solution to end the Yemen Crisis.

Sanaa Khalil (2021-05-03). Oppression in the Form of Israeli Dates. commondreams.org Today, labor abuse, exploitation of natural resources, and theft of Palestinian land comes in the form of Israeli dates," writes Sanaa Khalil. | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/views-article/thumbs/dates-boycott.jpg

Anonymous103 (2021-05-02). Military Situation In Yemen On May 2, 2021 (Map Update). southfront.org Click to see full-size image | The Liaison and Coordination Officers' Operations Room (loyal to Ansar Allah) reported 56 ceasefire violations in al-Hudaydah during the past 24 hours. | On May 1, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted 24 airstrikes on the Sarwah area. | On May 2, clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces continued in the east of Madghal district. | On May 1, heavy clashes between the Saudi-led forces and Ansar Allah were reported in the Fakher area. Ansar Allah reportedly repelled the…

Shabbir H. Kazmi (2021-05-02). Saudis And Israelis Don't Approve Of JCPOA Talks — OpEd. eurasiareview.com According to media reports, with Iran and world powers resumed nuclear talks, Saudi Arabia and Israel also have intensified consultations. Washington and Tel Aviv on the one hand and Washington and the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council on the other hand are having extensive talks. | Both, Israel and Saudi Arabia want to influence any US move to return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which they have publicly opposed right from the beginning. | As the Iranian negotiating team head to the Austrian capital of Vienna, a senior Israeli delegation comprising of Mossad Chief Yosef Cohen, Head of Military Intelligence Ta…

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