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2022-01-02: News Headlines

Editor2 (2022-01-01). Balhaf: The Oil Port Where UAE Loots Yemen and Imprisons and Tortures Yemenis. orinocotribune.com By Ahmed Abdulkareem — Dec 21, 2021 | The UAE has not only prevented Yemenis from exporting their own natural gas from Balhaf and forcefully laid off hundreds of employees, it has converted the sprawling industrial complex into a private military camp and secret prison. | BALHAF, SHABWA, YEMEN — Al-Shabwani, a resident from Ateq city in Shabwa province who requested that only his nickname be used, told MintPress News that he was detained for months and tortured in a secret prison inside Balhaf. Since 2016, when the UAE first entered Yemen's most productive oil and gas areas in Shabwa, Abu Dhabi has car…

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